Lights On Afterschool

Lights On Afterschool

Celebrating Lights On Afterschool!

Each October, millions of Americans and thousands of communities nationwide celebrate Lights On Afterschool! This annual event, is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs that keep kids safe, inspire them to learn, and help working families.

CAP is a proud participant of Lights On Afterschool, a project organized by the Afterschool Alliance to draw attention to the many ways afterschool programs support children, families, and communities. The events send a powerful message that millions more kids need quality afterschool programs.

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Lights On Afterschool
Lights On Afterschool Toolkit

Celebrating Lights On Afterschool is more important now than ever to showcase the importance of afterschool programs and the hard work the out-of-school time community invests in providing for our youth and their families! This toolkit from Afterschool Alliance has some ideas and options to celebrate!

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Ways to Celebrate

Register Your Lights on Afterschool Celebrations

When you register your event as an official Lights On Afterschool celebration, you’ll receive an event starter kit, which includes 10 free posters to help you promote your event, and make you eligible for cool prizes each week.

Register your Event

Create Lightbulb Artwork

Have kids create their own lightbulb artwork, or make it a program challenge. Don’t forget to share their lightbulb creations on social media on October 26th using #LightsOnAfterschool and #LightsOnCO

Get your Coloring page here (PDF)

Take the #LightbulbChallenge

Take a photo of your youth posing like a lightbulb. Post the photo(s) to social media with the hashtags #LightsOnAfterschool #LightsOnCO #LightbulbChallengee

Hold a Letter Writing Campaign

Youth and family members can use their voice to make a difference and educate key leaders on the importance of afterschool programs. Create a letter-writing campaign to policymakers in their community to encourage them to support afterschool programs.

Download Elementary Letter template (PDF)
Download Blank Letter template (PDF)

Don’t forget to use #LightsOnAfterschool and #LightsOnCO and tag @COAfterschool in your social media posts!