MGM Transformative Practice

Million Girls Moonshot’s Transformative Practices

STEM Learning Resources

Million Girls Moonshot’s Transformative Practices

Million Girls Moonshot’s four Transformative Practices include resources for all educators to foster inclusive STEM learning spaces for all youth, particularly girls. All resources have been vetted using a culturally responsive and equity lens. Below is each transformative practice along with corresponding resources you can start using today!

Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion

Engineering Mindset

Engineering Mindset

One of the primary goals of engineering education is to promote the development of an engineering mindset. Also referred to as ‘engineering practices’ or ‘engineering habits of mind’, the engineering mindset refers to the values, attitudes, and thinking skills associated with engineering. Million Girls Moonshot identified 10 critical features of high-quality engineering experiences that help students develop and strengthen an Engineering Mindset. Click here to read more.

Download a PDF of the Engineering Mindset

Role Models and Mentors

Incorporating Role Models:

Are you trying to inspire others with authentic and relatable images of women in STEM?

A Digital Asset Library of Women in STEM:

Then check out the IF/THEN® Collection, a digital asset library of women STEM innovators, for educational and other noncommercial use:

Connecting with Role Models:

This guide is designed to help you recruit and prepare role models to inspire
girls in science, technology, and engineering: Toolkit: Creating Connections with Role Models: The Power of Collaboration

Transformative Practices

For Families:

Educational Justice starts with equitable family engagement. Learn more about how designing surveys and sharing data with a wide range of stakeholders results in a deeper understanding of data from multiple perspectives:

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