Apr 13
Afterschool Professional Appreciation Week Promo 2021

Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week 2021 Press Release

Afterschool Professional Appreciation Week Promo 2021

 Colorado Afterschool Partnership (CAP), along with the National AfterSchool Association, invites youth, families, and schools to give thanks to Afterschool Professionals during Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week April 19-23, 2021

“Afterschool Professionals make a profound difference in the lives of young people, especially over the last year during the pandemic.” said Megan Nyce, Colorado Afterschool Partnership Network Lead. “We encourage everyone to join us this week in thanking afterschool professionals in their community.” 

Why is it important to recognize Afterschool Professionals? 

An estimated 83,000 students participate in afterschool programs in Colorado each year, and for every child in an afterschool program in Colorado, there are five more waiting to get in. In Colorado, 145,009 children are alone and unsupervised after school. Every young person deserves quality afterschool experiences that positively impact their development. This year, programs stepped up to continue to provide support and resources to families and youth when schools had to close due to the pandemic. The important role Afterschool Professionals play in the lives of kids and the connections they have with the whole family deserves recognition and support. 

What is Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week? 

Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week is a time to recognize, appreciate and advocate for those who work with young people during out-of-school hours. Currently in the US, an estimated 850,000 individuals are practicing members of the afterschool profession. The week is marked by celebrations and public relations efforts encouraging appreciation and support for all the afterschool professionals who make a profound difference in the lives of young people. 

“Families can recognize afterschool professionals with a handwritten card or by sending an email to the program manager, and schools and supervisors can recognize afterschool professionals with treats, emails to families, or by nominating staff for Colorado Afterschool Partnership’s Best of Colorado Afterschool Award,” says Megan. “Colorado Afterschool Partnership is saying thank you with a free self-care training for afterschool professionals on April 20th and with #heartofafterschool posts all week on social media.” 


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