Apr 19

Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week: An OST Career Roadmap

In the out-of-school-time (OST) field, a non-linear career path is not only common but often celebrated. As professionals working with children and youth outside of the traditional school day, OST practitioners must be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of their communities.

Many individuals who work in this field have diverse backgrounds, ranging from education and social work to business and the arts. Moreover, the journey towards becoming an effective OST practitioner often involves a variety of experiences. By embracing the non-linear career path, individuals can maximize their impact and find fulfillment in their work.

This Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week, CAP is highlighting five Colorado OST professionals who journeyed their own paths into a career in the OST field. They bring a range of perspectives and experiences to their work, and have dedicated their lives to building relationships, developing a sense of purpose, and making a positive impact on the lives of the youth they serve.

Emily Panyachith, PEAK Director, Thornton Elementary

Click here to read more about Emily’s journey.

Lori Hammer, Executive Director, Partners for HOPE Center

Click here to read more about Lori’s journey.

Markell Lucas, Instructional Support Coach, Sims-Fayola Foundation

Click here to read more about Markell’s journey.

Jacqueline Chavez, OST Programs and Partnership Specialist, Colorado Department of Education

Click here to read more about Jacqueline’s journey.

Habakkuk Ammishaddai, Program Director, Asian Pacific Development Center

Click here to read more about Habbakuk’s journey.