Feb 04

Free eBook available: The Afterschool Guide to Building English Language Leaners’ Literacy

By Heidi Ham, vice president of programs and strategy at National AfterSchool Association.

For the more than 4 million English language learner (ELL) students who attend public schools nationwide, it’s more critical than ever to literacy skill development support both in and out of school.

That’s why the National AfterSchool Association (NAA), in collaboration with the Afterschool Alliance, created “The Afterschool Guide to Building English Language Leaners’ Literacy,” a free eBook filled with valuable information and field-sourced tools and strategies specifically designed for the afterschool environment. Click here to join NAA (for free) and then visit the “Program Resources” tab on the right column.

Afterschool and informal learning programs are ideal opportunities for ELL youth to develop their literacy skills in fun, supportive environments. With strategies ranging from student-run newspapers to initiatives that connect kids with their communities and bring families into the program, the range of education possibilities is limitless!

NAA is proud to offer the Guide to its members. For membership information and to download the eBook visit