May 02

Greater than STEM, Episode 2 – Food Insecurity

Fifteen million U.S. households were food-insecure in 2017 , according to the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service.

This week on Greater Than STEM, we speak with Ana, a 6th grade student and Michelle Moskowitz Brown of Local Matters, a community garden advocacy organization.

These two share a love of food, gardening and family, but have come from different backgrounds with different access to food.

In their 20 minute discussion they address how food insecurity shapes communities nationwide and how community gardens and food education programs can begin to correct the problem.

Come join the conversation on Episode 2 – Food Insecurity.

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About the podcast  Greater Than STEM is a new podcast that tells the story of one student solving one problem. We learn why it matters to them, why it should matter to us, and what we can all do to help. With some help from an expert in the field, we tackle topics like ocean pollution, foster care, and food insecurity in about 20 minutes. STEM students and professionals agree: to solve real-world problems, it takes more than good grades in four subjects. Tune in to our first four episodes the first Monday of every month.