Jun 03

Greater than STEM, Episode 3 – Foster Care

What happens when a student doesn’t have a safe place to call home? And what can we do to support those students when they’re at school?

High-schooler Ryan Bass tackles this problem with his family. Together, they’ve fostered almost a dozen youths in Northeast Ohio. We’ll learn more about how foster care works from Lucy – a policy expert – and Jamole – a former foster youth.

Listen to their conversation on Episode 3 – Foster Care.

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About the podcast  Greater Than STEM is a new podcast that tells the story of one student solving one problem. We learn why it matters to them, why it should matter to us, and what we can all do to help. With some help from an expert in the field, we tackle topics like ocean pollution, foster care, and food insecurity in about 20 minutes. STEM students and professionals agree: to solve real-world problems, it takes more than good grades in four subjects. Tune in to our first four episodes the first Monday of every month.