Mar 14

It’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®!

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Today we’re excited to take part in celebrating Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® (AIKD)! AIKD is a national holiday that lifts up the kids and teens in our lives, and it was founded by Camp Fire in 1997. While we’ve enjoyed spotlighting the great work done at Camp Fire programs year-round, we’re especially proud to partner with them today to celebrate the amazing accomplishments and spirit of youth that we encounter every day through our work or in our lives.

As part of the holiday, thousands of adults send notes, emails, letters, texts, videos to encourage young people across the country. The medium doesn’t matter, but the message does: “You’re incredible, and here’s why…” This video will help to get you inspired.

Your words are powerful and can change a young life, so check out five ways to make a big impact on this special day.

We also want to hear your stories of youth making in an impact in your families, schools, programs, and communities. Share with us on social media and tag @afterschool4all and @campfirenhq, so we can tell others about our absolutely incredible youth!