Sep 17

Seven state Tennessee Valley region offered classroom STEM grants

The 2019-2020 TVA STEM Classroom Grant Program is now accepting applications .

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) provides electricity to nearly 10 million people in seven southeastern states. Since 2012, TVA has worked through the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network to provide grant opportunities to help teachers. In partnership with  Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated , TVA STEM Classroom Grant Program funds STEM learning projects in classrooms and schools in TVA service areas.

This grant is open to more than just teachers in Tennessee. Please review the map below (click to enlarge) or download this PDF of counties served by TVA to see if you teach within the service area of TVA. Regions of Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi are eligible to receive funding.

The window closes on October 20, 2019. Grants may be requested in amounts up to $5,000. Visit the TSIN website to learn more about grant requirements, see examples of previously funded projects, and apply for grant funding!

With such a large area of eligible schools, the diversity of programs which receive funding is vast. Past recipients of this grant have addressed STEM solutions to problems of river quality, energy development, the coding gap, and transportation safety.

TVA STEM Education Manager Rachel Crickmar said, “The Tennessee Valley Authority understands that excellence in education is the key to our future…We want to work directly with teachers to support initiatives that advance STEM activities in the classroom to develop a talent pipeline for TVA and its customers.”


Common questions about the TVA STEM Classroom Grant Program:

Do I have to have the exact pricing for each item on my budget?

No. We understand prices can change over time and vary by store. Just estimate as closely as possible.

How do I know if my school is in a TVA service area and receives power from a TVA distributor?

Grants are open to all teachers or school administrators in public schools, grades K through 12, that are located in the TVA service area and receive power from a TVA distributor. To check to see if your school is in a TVA service area and receives power, follow the links on the right side at the top of this page.

What projects are NOT eligible for a grant?

Funds may not be used for furniture, cash, gift cards, travel, salary, food, general office supplies not related to STEM activities, or sports.

Where can I get help with my W9?

You can read about and download a blank W9 form on the IRS website: If you need help filling out the form, please contact your school bookkeeper or district financial office. Battelle Education employees are unable to assist with the W9.

I can’t get the form to work. Can I apply via email?

We’re sorry but all applications must come through the online form. If your school internet or computer blocks typeform, please try applying with a different computer or on a wifi connection from home or a public place outside of your school building.

Can my school apply for more than one grant? Can I apply for more than one grant?

Yes and yes! We cannot guarantee we will be able to fund multiple grants from one school or person, but you are more than welcome to apply with as many ideas as you would like.

A vendor wrote my application for me, is that ok?

If we receive multiple applications with the same language written by a vendor, those applications will be disqualified. Your application should be your own, unique work.

Will I be notified if I receive a grant or not?

Yes, we will notify all grant applicants regarding the status of their application in mid-December 2019.


Hurry and complete your STEM Classroom Grant application today!