Mar 28

STEMx Scoop 2.0: Spotlighting national opportunities

by Wes Hall, Director of STEMx

Today, we’re excited to relaunch the STEMx Scoop, our monthly newsletter highlighting grants, conferences, and other important developments in STEM. (If you didn’t receive this first issue, sign up here ). One big change to the format: We’re opening up submissions to anyone who completes this simple form to share upcoming events:  STEMx Scoop 2.0 submissions Submissions were previously limited to STEMx members . Instead of that benefit, members will now receive special edition of the scoop highlighting important grants for STEM.

For this first issue of the new Scoop, we’d like to highlight a simple but important opportunity for you to meet the leaders of STEMx states.

In July, the state STEM leaders who make up the membership of STEMx will gather at the NSTA STEM Forum. They’ll present a variety of strategies; sharing their expertise as leaders in policy, practice, and STEM advocacy. Registration for the NSTA STEM Forum is still open, though rooms are expected to fill soon. We’ve included the STEMx presentations at the event below, visit NSTA’s site to register .

STEMx presentations at the NSTA STEM Forum