Sep 26

Webinar: How counselors work to prepare STEM school students for college success

October 11, 2017: 4-5 p.m. (EST)  Register

For many students, the jump from high school to college is a leap. In this webinar, we’ll take you inside the new ways some schools are helping students prepare for the challenges of college that content knowledge doesn’t cover.

Liz Mechling/Tim Latta will detail the class every student at Metro Early College High School takes to prepare them for everything from college applications to financial aid.

Yureka Pirtle of the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy will talk about innovative methods her school has developed to integrate community partnerships and technology to develop STEM-focused thinking in students.

Finally, we’ll moderate a discussion with both presenters about the do’s and don’ts of helping STEM school students succeed after graduation.


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