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Weekly Media Roundup: February 21, 2018

For Camden Teens, ‘Black Panther’ Lives Up to the Hype (Courier Post, New Jersey)

Some 100 students from Camden area schools and afterschool programs were treated to an advance screening of the new ‘Black Panther’ film thanks to Campbell Soup Company’s Black Resource Group. “Giving kids here experiences they might not otherwise have, whether it’s a movie screening or a field trip outside Camden or within it, that’s part of our duty as citizens of Camden,” Campbell Soup’s director of community affairs Kim Fortunato told the Courier Post. “Highlighting success stories – for people of all backgrounds – reinforces the notion that any of us can succeed.”

North Heights Elementary Students Hone Their Fibbing Skills (Rome News-Tribune, Georgia)

For the past several months, 20 girls at North Heights Elementary School have been perfecting the fine art of storytelling in the ASPIRE afterschool program. The students will have a chance to show off their work in the Debby Brown Young Tales Storytelling and Writing Program at the 2018 Big Fibbers Storytelling festival. Telling their stories, which are all based on students’ real-life experiences, helps the girls develop their self-confidence public speaking skills. “I like this program because the kids get very involved,” North Heights teacher Felicia Hall told the Rome News-Tribune. “Lots of times, they don’t get to tell their stories and this gives them a chance.”

Living Life the Douglass Way (South Coast Today, Massachusetts)

In honor of African American History Month, the YMCA’s School Age Afterschool Program has been teaching its students about abolitionist icon Frederick Douglass through activities, presentations and discussions. The YMCA has collaborated with the New Bedford Historical Society to lead sessions on Douglass, in hopes that learning about his life and work, with a focus on literacy and communication, will inspire students to volunteer and lead in their communities, according to South Coast Today.

Flagler Students Learn the Importance of Handwashing (Daytona Beach News Journal, Florida)

A team from the education department at Florida Hospital Flagler visited Bunnell, Rymfire and Wadsworth elementary afterschool students recently to teach the youths about the importance of handwashing. During this particularly bad flu season, hospital staff believe that reaching out to students in the 21st Century Community Learning Center afterschool programs can help reduce the spread of germs and prevent respiratory infections and diarrhea-related sicknesses, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal