Feb 28

CAP’s March 2023 OST Champion: Meghan Gentes

CAP’s March OST Champion, Meghan Gentes, Program Coordinator and Camp Director, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Each month, CAP shines a spotlight on someone that is making a difference in the afterschool and summertime world! Nominees demonstrate outstanding work in developing, supporting, and promoting meaningful high-quality out-of-school time programs to benefit children, youth, and families across Colorado.

Congratulations to CAP’s March OST Champion Meghan Gentes! Gentes currently serves as Program Coordinator and Camp Director at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS). Over four-plus years ago, she started as a Program Specialist for Children’s and Teen programs at DMNS and now runs the museum’s fall, winter, spring, and summer science camps.

“Meghan is a fervent champion of our science camps and in her own words ‘camp changes lives’”, Maria Mazin, Manager of DMNS’ ExcitED program, said. “She works tirelessly to make sure that our camps are what students deserve.”

According to Mazin, who nominated Gentes, she works tirelessly on every aspect of the DMNS science camps, as well as working with the museum’s partner organizations to ensure that camps are available to Denver’s underserved students.

“Meghan works to make sure that underserved students can not only sign up for camps at no cost but that they feel welcome while they are here,” Mazin said. “She has led efforts to meet with community members to make sure they fully understand our camp processes and are able to advocate for their campers so that we can provide the best experience and care for them.”

Gentes leads by example, Mazin said, and because of her leadership, the families that DMNS serves have reported that their campers come home from a camp full of enthusiasm and eager to return to camp the next day.

“I believe that when our campers join us here at DMNS they are able to experience learning outside of the classroom and many find that they really enjoy it! Camps at the Museum give these children the chance to follow their passions, ask their questions, and really dive into what engages them as they construct their own learning. I truly believe that camp changes lives, and I hope that we are able to provide that for all that are a part of our camps – in any way, shape, or form!” 

Meghan Gentes

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